Red White & Blue Heating & AC

Redneck, White Beard, Blue Collar

Meet our company

Our very first blog post will be a little different. Usually you will find some helpful hints or tips, reviews on new products or ideas that can help you troubleshoot your own unit, but today you will get to meet the faces behind Red, White & Blue!

Our Owner and Founder, Eddie Raines. He is a third generation Florida native, graduate from Mainland High School and Cam Tech School of Construction. He has worked in the air conditioning field for the past 29 years. He knows how hard it is to find a reliable trustworthy company with experienced technicians. He is taking the first step to help remedy that by starting a small family owned heating and air conditioning business that you can trust. Please don’t hesitate to call or text and let him know what you need. He will do his best to work with you in your budget and time frame. If he can’t help you, he can certainly point you in the right direction of someone that can! State Licensed, Certified & Insured!

Meet Jennifer Dawn …. Eddie’s right hand woman. She is the ringleader of this crazy group and the person that keeps the lights on, schedules in order, answering phones and just doing any and everything to help Eddie exceed his customers expectations. They are the yin and yang of Red White & Blue!

Our amazing IT Department handles all the fun stuff … from social media, website, promotions and community involvement . Will, Alexis and Faye keep us connected with our customers, current and future! We are absolutely better with them on board!

And the most important part of our company … Our Number One Distraction …

Ryan Harper! He is our biggest cheerleader and helps keep the office in the best of moods, and well stocked with Puffs! He loves hanging out with his Grumpa (Eddie) whenever he can! Spur of the moment lunch dates and early evening walks are his favorite things!

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